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The centrist and moderate political organizations in the first section below are those we recommend readers support the most with monetary donations and/or volunteer time. If we are ever going to see the American political center fairly represented in government again, we need millions of centrists to start putting their literal and proverbial money where our mouths are – as the left and right do, or we will remain underrepresented.

  • Organizations Periodically Shuffled - Click Here for Our Criteria

    As we add profiles of centrist, moderate and nonpartisan organizations doing work that is having the biggest positive impact for those of us in the American political center, we’ll be rotating some of the best where we believe your personal small dollar donations and/or volunteering time will be well-spent in and out of the top ‘featured’ section just below this expanding block.

    Keep scrolling for more organizations, including those whose work we support, but their lack of funding transparency (‘dark money groups’ – The Centrist Project and No Labels being the most noteworthy examples) leads us to recommend for following and volunteering, but not for monetary donation.

    When deciding on who to list, and who to feature, we’re going to look for reasons to believe that these organizations are among the best investments of your personal time and/or money. Borrowing a term from the business world, we hope to feature organizations that will deliver the most ‘ROI’ (return on investment) – the return being the goal of helping further causes that represent what centrists and moderates would like to see happen in our government or wider political landscape.

    Under no circumstance should you consider any of this information (or information from anyone or anywhere else) as something akin to “centrist scripture”. Our criteria may be different than yours, and the only one with the right to determine where your time and money is best spent is you.

    We merely provide this information as a resource, as we understand that it is difficult for people whose lives do not revolve around politics to sift through all of the noise, and for those looking to do their part to help centrists someday be fairly represented in government, we hope that this will lead to more people chipping in in ways most likely to have a bigger and more lasting positive effect.

    The following are some of the primary criteria we use to determine who to profile and/or feature here:

    Over just the last decade, dozens of organizations have come and gone, so before we feature one we’re going to look for reasons to believe that they will be around for the long term. There is nothing wrong with donating to, or volunteering for, any organizations here, but helping an organization that will still be around in twenty years continue building toward becoming a powerful representative for centrists is much more desirable than one that may shut its doors next year.

    We’re also going to look at the organization’s track record, and the track records of those who are at the helm. What have they achieved in the past gives us a good idea of what they could achieve in the future, if we could help funnel more donors and volunteers their way.

    We’ll also be looking at whether their actions match their stated goals and messaging. Naturally, the only organizations that will be considered for a listing here will be those that represent the views of those of us in the center, though – to be clear – that won’t be limited to specifically centrist organizations, but will also include nonpartisan organizations who are fighting for things that align with what we believe (election reform, transparency, anti-corruption, etc).

    Lastly, the more forthcoming and transparent an organization is, the more we’re likely to encourage people to donate and/or volunteer. The mirror opposite is also true, which is why dark money groups (organizations that choose a form of political nonprofit that allows them to not reveal who their donors are, how much their donating and other fundraising and spending information) are listed at the very bottom of the page).

    There are a range of other things that may result in an organization being added, taken off or have an effect on where they are placed here. If you have any questions, please send us a message on social media, or through our contact page.

Serve America Movement – Build a Centrist Party

The top new centrist organization to launch the last few years, Serve America Movement is a fully donor transparent organization structured the same as we are (a 527 group), and is geared toward building a national centrist party (which we’re totally on board with, even though that’s not our focus). I’ve met a few of them in person, and spoken with them online several times; they have their heads in the right place, have a well thought-through plan, and – unlike virtually every other centrist to moderate party – they are run by professionals with political experience.

We’re going to be working with them a great deal in coming years. We’ll be launching on the ground in the Kansas City area (where our founder lives) in early 2019, and immediately begin helping an affiliated party they are working with in Kansas, to collect signatures and get them on the ballot in 2020.

Files & Links on the Serve America Movement

Centrist Serve America Movement Informational Links

They appear to have spun off a foundation, called ‘SAM Forward, Inc’:

  • Their legal information can be found here:
  • Still looking into this – will ask them personally once I’ve collected more information.
  • Note: Similar to dark money groups, foundations (also charities) don’t have to reveal their donors, but because they are severely limited in the sort of political activity they can engage with, we will work with them in any way we can when we have common cause, while we will not have any monetary or formal relationships with dark money groups – even and especially centrist and/or moderate dark money groups, which we believe should be illegal.
Nonpartisan fiscal organization Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget's logo

Legal Structure:
Think Tank / Charity

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Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget – Fighting for Fiscal Sanity

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) is an aptly-named nonpartisan fiscal policy think tank nonprofit. Since launching in 1981, the CRFB has been a leading voice for fiscal sanity as the two major parties have become increasingly irresponsible in their handling of the federal budget.

They do share some bipartisan, mostly centrist to center-right policy ideas, but most of the work they’ve published in recent years revolves around debunking dishonest budgetary policy claims by Democratic and Republican administrations and congressional leaders. Noteworthy examples over the last decade include Obama and the Democrats’ over-inflated claims of healthcare cost savings during the runup to the passage of the ACA and all of the array of false claims Republicans and the Trump administration used to support the tax plan they passed in December of 2017. – Big Tent Centrist Voter Network

We’re focused on giving voice to the American political center online (this website, Medium blog, social media, podcast and YouTube), by helping build a network of grassroots groups in cities across the country and leveraging what we build to help the growth of the wider centrist political sphere – which is what this page is designed for, and why we use our social accounts to share content from every centrist organization and campaign, not merely for sharing our content and self promotion.

Our local chapters will be semi-autonomous – having the freedom to focus on what they choose most of the time, as well as be a place where which centrist independent, moderate and nonpartisan organizations and campaigns with a presence in their area can may network to find and cross pollinate supporter bases they need to grow and succeed in their efforts.

Centrist & Moderate Dark Money Groups

One of our core principles is the belief that all political donor information should be 100% transparent. Putting our money where our mouth is on the subject, we do not give special treatment for organizations we agree with politically. The organizations below do work we generally agree with, but we cannot recommend that you donate to them, because they’re dark money groups (organizations not legally required to reveal their donor data), or are substantially funded by dark money.

  • The Issue with, & Our Position on, Dark Money Groups

    If, like most political organizations, we make exceptions for groups we align with, then we wouldn’t genuinely be on the side of political transparency and fighting corruption. Toward that end, we encourage our centrist reader not to monetarily support dark money groups (organizations not legally required to reveal donor information) of any kind – even centrist, moderate or otherwise nonpartisan or transpartisan organizations – Unite America and No Labels, for instance – whose work we believe to some degree or another.

    When we mention such organizations (centrist or otherwise) in content produced by the organization, or in community blog posts promoted to one of the front page sections of our website, we will note what they are and that they are not transparent in their donor information.

    This, as well as reporting on the corruptive influence of dark money in our blog and informational sections, is our organizational way of following through with three core principles at the heart of what we stand for: doing our part, anti-corruption and pro-transparency.

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