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Who’s Eligible to Write on our Centrist Blog?

Anyone is in what we often call the ‘centrist big tent’ (center-left and center-right moderates, as well as centrist independents) is eligible to write in community blog section of our site.

To get started, you just have to do these five things:

  1. First just ask, using the contact page on this site – tell us why you want to write about centrist politics.
  2. Write your first blog post and send it to us when finished – using the email address we’ll provide to you.
  3. We’ll publish it, then schedule a short conversation with our editor by the video chat app of your choice.
  4. In that meeting, he’ll run you through our guidelines to make sure you know our rules and guidelines.
  5. That’s it! You’ll be able to blog as much, or as little, as you want from then on – unless you break rules.

[Note: Original content only – blogging privileges will be revoked if you post content also published elsewhere.]

You will be blogging with your real name – no “user names” are allowed (in other words, if your real name is Bob Smith, that is the name that will be displayed with your content, not ‘bsmith1990’), and I will have to see some verification that you are a real person. For most, all this requires is you show me your Facebook page, and that page looks like the page of a real human being’s Facebook page (posts going back years, at least dozens of friends that are mostly located in a certain area, etc).

Note: In some rare cases, we will accept bloggers who would like to write under an assumed name but they must have to have a serious reason for doing so (an occupation that doesn’t allow publicly blogging about political opinions, for instance).

We do not allow bloggers who are paid by any political organization of any kind – even centrist organizations we agree with. Volunteers, however, are more than welcome! We hope recruit volunteers of every centrist and moderate organization and campaign making waves to contribute, so we can get on-the-ground updates on the good work people are doing around the country.

We do accept guest posts from candidates (not accounts – you’ll have to submit each post by email), so long as they aren’t just about self-promotion, past the introductory post – which should be all about self-promotion! From there on, just make the content substantive for our centrist blog audience, for example speaking about centrist policy ideas or experiences you’d like to share from the campaign trail.



Our Centrist Blog Guidelines

Regardless of who you are, during the conversation we’ll have before you get your login, I’ll just want to get to know you a little bit and find out who you are, why you want to write for us, offer some advice on blogging and how you can make it so your content reaches a wider audience.

We’ll also make sure you understand the content guidelines and rules of decorum. We’re a bit different here, in we aren’t trying to build just a centrist version of the nasty, hyperbolic political warfare you see across much of the partisan blogosphere.

We have rules of decorum, as well as rules of what is and isn’t allowed in the content of blog posts, but we don’t have any interest in harshly policing every post. Breaking guidelines to a harsh enough degree may get you banned, but in most cases just not fitting what we’re looking for is most likely to just lead to it not being promoted to the frontpage or shared on our main social media accounts.

We encourage spirited debate, but insist that that passion be directed at the content of the issues at hand, not the people disagreeing with you.


Is This a Paid Writing Position or Job?

The short answer is no – this is a community blog, not a job. You can write one post and never come back, or write every single day – it’s up to you, but there are no deadlines and you are free to write about whatever it is you want to write about, so long as it is somehow related to politics and it’s coming from somewhere in the centrist to moderate tent.

We will not be displaying any network tracking display ads, like you see on most websites, as we believe it to be too distracting from our primary goal of building a large centrist blog audience and community. We do intend to raise some money, however, as we cannot accomplish much without things that are rather expensive (everything from website hosting to media production once we get our podcast and YouTube channels going, advertising to grow and staff).

The primary goal of our fundraising will be focused on starting and growing local chapters, so while we do hope to one day find space in the budget to encourage the best and more frequent contributors, it will likely be some time before we reach that point.


Interested in a Column on Our Centrist Blog?

Having your own column means you’ll essentially have a subsection of the site all to yourself, all of your posts will be seen first by our editor (before other community posts) to decide whether it will be promoted to the featured or promoted sections and there will be a block on the front page where your latest column post will be displayed. Among other things, this includes the ability to make small design changes – like a custom sidebar with a mix of widgets we have next to most pages on this website, as well as some you could choose – for example adding social media links so you can grow your social following a bit faster, or a link to your website (if you have one).

Coaching will also be made available, where we’ll help you build a following of your own on social media (if you’re willing to put in the work or money – it requires one or both).

Earning a column isn’t something we’ll give out to anyone just for asking. Having a column will make you a de facto representative of Uniters.org, so we cannot risk giving this much exposure to someone without having a very good idea of who they are. To earn a column, first we’ll have to look at at least two dozen of your publicly published blog posts.

This can include a mixture of posts you have published elsewhere but must include at least a dozen posts in our community that have been promoted or featured. The more seriously and frequently you publish content that gets bumped to those front page sections, without the need for substantial editing (always run a basic grammar and spelling check), the faster you’ll get the chance to earn a column.

Those with a long history of centrist/moderate blogging, who would bring along a following, may be given special consideration.


I could go into much more detail on all points shared above, but if you have any questions, please just contact me through the contact page.

The important thing here is to note that the point of all of this is to build traffic so we can gather a community, which we will then funnel toward campaigns and causes that currently aren’t getting enough donors, volunteers, votes or attention. We can’t do that without your help, and by sharing your thoughts on our site, you’re not only helping us accomplish that goal, but you’re doing your part to represent centrist views as well – something that is sorely lacking online, and we’ll do our part to get your content in front of as many eyeballs as we can.

Thanks, and I hope I see a lot of you submitting content, as well as in the comments!

Solomon Kleinsmith
Founder / Editor


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