We’re living through a period of deep hyper-partisan polarization – we must unite against the forces of division, as our nation had to do during Lincoln’s time.

The Who, What, Where, When & Why of Our New Centrist Organization

Over the last several months, I’ve spoken with over a thousand people about our new centrist organization, and found that describing what we’re doing is somewhat difficult. It seems as though the biggest reason this is stems from the fact that we’re a bit of a unique form of organization. There are other organizations doing similar things across the spectrum, but none the same as we’re doing here, or for centrists.

Since our beta launch in early 2017, I’ve been looking for the best way to explain what we aim to do, and how. I’ve found that the most effective way is to not get into the weeds with the philosophical reasons for why we’re organizing this way, and focus more on the tangible actions we’ll take.

Over the next several pages (if you’re seeing this during the week before we launch, some of those pages may not be published yet), we’ll go through those actions, and you can explore the more esoteric reasons, as well as details as to the legal structure and our fundraising rules, by hovering over ‘About Us’ in the top bar of every page and post on this site.

On this page, we’re sticking to the very top-line basics:

  1. Who are Uniters?
  2. What are we building?
  3. Where are we doing this?
  4. When does “it” takes place?
  5. Why are we doing this?


Who: Unite is a Verb – Uniters are Centrists & Moderates Who Do Their Part

Uniters aren’t just those who sign up with us – Uniters are centrists and moderates who do their part.

If you’re not part of the divisiveness, corruption or other forms of dysfunction tearing at our nation’s social fabric – that’s a good start, but to solve these problems, millions of us need to choose to invest our time, energy and money toward organizing, building bridges and fighting the forces of division.

These problems will not solve themselves. We are the change we’ve been waiting for, and things will start getting better only as soon as we collectively start taking action – and not one minute sooner.


What: Grassroots Network to Advocate for Centrist Views & Help Campaigns

Some organizations are controlled by, & focus on, wealthy, hidden donors – we focus on grassroots centrists.

There are all sorts of ways that a political organization can do its part, but the way we’ve chosen is to focus on the grassroots. No other existing organization has made a long term commitment to be of, by and for the American centrist grassroots. Even if it takes decades, Uniters.org will continue to listen, learn, adapt, grow and serve those who currently are in the center of the American electorate.

Many have tried to harness the untapped, disaffected and increasingly unrepresented sleeping giant in the center of the American electorate, but they’ve failed in large part because they came at it from the top, looking down us, while we’re starting from the bottom – and staying here.


Where: Across the Entire Country – Both Online and Through Local Chapters

Every social network and city – wherever centrists fed up with partisan dysfunction are, we’ll be there.

If we’re to connect with, inspire, recruit and mobilize centrists and moderates around the country, we need to go to them – wherever they are. Online, that means we need to be on the major social networks, building a following by sharing useful information, and linking to the best campaigns and organizations representing our views, so our followers can connect with them too, and help them with the good work they’re doing.

In the real world, where the real change happens, this means we’ll be forming local chapters geared toward the same goal – gathering like-minded centrists and moderates in every major city, so we can help candidates, organizations and causes working to represent us.

Everything we build is designed to help what we call the ‘Centrist Big Tent’ – building up Uniters.org is not the end goal, but rather a means to the end of helping the wider centrist political landscape.


When: Every Time a Volunteer Does their Part to Help Organize Centrists

Each of the million steps between here and there happens the moment you (yes – U) start doing your part.

Of the million steps that need to happen to reform our government, none of them happen on their own, or merely by disagreeing with the forces of division. Those steps are only taken the moment centrists and moderates like you and I take tangible action. This comes in many forms, and can be directed toward all sorts of organizations, campaigns and causes – which is why we spend more time sharing information from others than about ourselves.

Unless you are one of the rare few who feel called to take this more seriously, and invest a larger portion of your life toward efforts of this sort, then there really are two main ways you can do your part. There is no wrong answer here – it just depends on whether you have more time than money, more money than time, or a combination thereof:

  1. Volunteer: The backbone of every grassroots organization are its volunteers. Whether it be Uniters.org, or other organizations and causes we support – like one of the centrist parties growing around the country, transparent moderate organizations like the Serve America Movement, or for campaigns of candidates like Greg Orman or Angus King – if you have the time and energy, we need you to do your part.
  2. Donate: The sad truth is that there is no way that centrists and moderates can hope to fight back against the forces of division without resources. The silver lining is that we believe that we can do so with less, but it has to be more than a small fraction. We at Uniters.org are hyper-focused on making sure that your donations are spent where we’ll get the most bang for your donor buck, and we’ll only recommend you donate to causes who are similarly wise investments.


Why A: Because “A house divided cannot stand.” – We Need Bridge Builders

Building political bridges is hard, and only possible if we organize centrists, reach out to find common ground and fight dividers tearing our country apart for their narrow, short-sighted and/or corrupt ends.

This is no kumbaya fairy tale. As we organize centrists and moderates across the country and begin reaching out to find common ground to work with reasonable people across the political spectrum, we will have to fight divisive forces, from hyper-partisan extremists, to even corrupt political operatives in the center.

That fight will be long and difficult. Our nation has fought through deeper division that we’re seeing today – but it didn’t just happen. The divisive forces of ages past were only defeated after millions of Americans chose to stand up and do their part.

That’s why our singular mission is to ‘Help Put the U back in U.S.A.’

That U doesn’t just stand for ‘United’. It also stands for you – yes… YOU, the person reading this. You wouldn’t be here if you saw a political landscape that made you proud, and represented your views – as a healthy democracy should. You’re here because our government is corrupt, dysfunctional and no longer reflects the will of the American people.

There are no shortcuts, or easy solutions, left. We need people just like you to decide that they care enough about the future of our country, the lives of our children and future generations to personally get up and do something about it.

Some of you will be leaders, but most will do their part in smaller ways – and that’s how it should be. Few are called to this as their life’s work, but the vast majority of the volunteers and donors that make or break an organization like ours have demanding jobs, and families to care for, so they find an hour or two here and there, and donate 20, 50 or even just five dollars a month.

Every bit helps, and takes us one step closer to putting the U back in U.S.A.



Join Now or Keep Reading to Find Out More

Ultimately, our job at Uniters.org is to find, recruit and focus the time, energy and resources donated by Uniters around the country toward the most effective activities to solve root cause problems of the aforementioned political dysfunction, and that’s what we’ll be talking about in the next two pages.

This page is about who we are and our mission – Help Put the U Back in U.S.A. To make that happen, we aim to lay the grassroots foundation of an organized, national centrist opposition to the corrupt two-party system, and #DoOURpart to help spark a centrist movement.

The next page is about the two actions behind everything we do to accomplish that mission, and the third is about the three root causes we will be focusing our efforts toward solving.

Please ask questions below, through our contact page, or with me personally – if you’re a member of this website – by clicking on my name below.

I hope you found what you’re looking for here, and that you’ll join, so we can #DoOURpart – together… because that’s how it starts.

Thank you for your consideration,

Solomon Kleinsmith
Lead Catalyst & Editor

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