Theodore Roosevelt quote, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Hundreds of thousands of centrists and moderates across the country must take heed of this advice if we’re going to be fairly represented in government again.

Building a Community of Centrist Volunteers & Donors is the Means, not the End

This is the most simple aspect of our organization, and perhaps the most fundamentally important of them all, as virtually everything we do is geared toward one of these two things – or both.

The two actions behind almost everything we do are:

  1. Help: In the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt’s above quote, we ‘do what we can’ to help centrist, moderate or transpartisan campaigns, organizations or causes – where we are (online, or areas near a chapter).
  2. Grow: How much we’re able to do depends on how much we’ve grown – how many volunteers we have, and how much we’ve raised in donations – so the more we grow, the more we’ll be able to help allies.

In some ideal cases, we can even do both at once – for example, if we find out about a campaign will be holding an event near one of our local chapters, we can help promote that event (both online and offline), and maybe even send volunteers to help “staff” the event.

This ‘perfect storm’ of centrist activism not only helps that campaign, but it also puts Uniters in contact with volunteers, donors and voters behind that campaign, so after the election, they may join up with us – meaning we’ll have more volunteers and donors, so we’ll have more to give the next campaign, organization or cause.


Bridging *Some* of the Centrist Party Gap

Going another step further – because most states don’t have organized centrist parties, campaigns have to start from almost scratch every election.

This is a massive disadvantage, on top of the already steep climb that independent and third party candidates have to climb, they can’t tap into a foundation of potential volunteers, donors and voters that parties can provide for their candidates.

Only a party can truly fill this gap, but we can help by  – once we get a local ‘Big Tent Centrist’ chapter set up in a city – connecting with every centrist independent and moderate campaign in the nearby areas and making the deal that we’ll help them, in exchange for merely introducing their supporters to that local chapter, and our online resources.


Moderate Democrats & Republicans Just as Welcome in the ‘Centrist Big Tent’ as Independents

This help is also extended to moderate Democrats and Republicans, who are under assault from corrupt liberal and conservative party establishment forces, partisan special interests and more extreme elements who are gaining more and more power in the two major parties. So long as you genuinely support policy ideas that represent centrists over either party base, we’ll do what we can, with what we have in your area, to help – regardless of your party affiliation, or lack thereof.

As the political landscape has devolved more and more, one of the most popular lines from reformers has been that we need our leaders to put ‘country over party’ (or the social media hashtag @CountryOverParty). Genuinely caring about our country more than a political party doesn’t mean that you are prejudiced against those who have different affiliations; it means you look at the individual to see if they’ll serve the country well in that position – no matter which party they’re with, or independent.


Helping Centrist Causes Grow – So We Can Help More

Here’s the crux of where the centrist grassroots rubber hits the current American political landscape road.

While there aren’t nearly enough organizations working to represent centrist independents and moderates, one of the areas (there are others) that there is a huge, gaping vacuum is at the grassroots level – both online and offline. These areas happen to be where my strengths are, and so when I sat down, after seeing the disaster of the 2016 election, committed to finding the most impactful contribution I could make to the centrist political landscape, that’s where I decided to almost entirely focus.

That decision made, I began reviewing plans I’d written between 2009 and 2012, about what was originally called United Heartland (I’m from the midwest – it was originally going to be regionally focused). As I did that, I rethought each of those ideas from as many angles as I could, bought a pile of books, took several webinars, began reconnecting with old connections, pulled the social accounts from our old blog out of mothballs and began creating little focus groups and taking polls of various aspects of the plan to get feedback as I worked through it.

I kept paring it down until I saw the pattern that what was missing wasn’t another organization, party, campaign or group, but rather a tent that the best of all of them can connect with each other under, learn from each other, help each other out and fill in some of the grassroots-level organizational gaps that will be severely lacking until the day a national centrist party coalesces.

That’s why we say that isn’t an end in and of itself, but rather is a means – a catalyst. In fact, the internal title of our organizational plan is ‘The Uniters Catalyst Model’.

Our goal is to help serious centrist to moderate campaigns, transparent organizations, groups and causes, and to do that we need to grow.

When we can, we’re going to do both at once – like sharing news from allies in the ‘Centrist Big Tent’ on social media, which we also leverage to grow our social following – which then allows us to drive even more traffic to news we share in the future.

We’ll get into the array of ways you can do your part in a following page, but each is designed to either help, grow or both.

I hope you choose to help with one or both as well, because we will not succeed without your help.

Please ask questions below, through our contact page, or with me personally – if you’re a member of this website – by clicking on my name below.

I hope you found what you’re looking for here, and that you’ll join, so we can #DoOURpart – together… because that’s how it starts.

Thank you for your consideration,

Solomon Kleinsmith
Lead Catalyst & Editor

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