After a few years dormant, we are re-launching and putting out an open call to centrist & moderate voices across America to join our open community. Help us build a network of people who will put their money where their mouths are to build a network of centrists & moderates across the nation, aimed at seeing our views fairly represented in Washington again, fighting corruption and reforming our democracy.

Our Centrist Big Tent – Moderate Left to Moderate Right All Welcome Here
From center-left Democrats like Senator Claire McCaskill, Senator Joe Manchin III, Blue Dog Democrats, Third Way, Center Forward and trailblazing independents like Senator Angus S. King, Jr. of Maine……to center-right voices like Michael Smerconish, moderate Republicans like Senator Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, the Tuesday Group that was recently instrumental in stopping the terrible GOP health care bill, Connecticut independent candidate for governor Dave Walker and congressional candidate Jim Bennett who just formed a center-right party in Utah……to centrist independent voices like John Avlon, members of small, but growing centrist ‘third party’ organizations like the Independence Party of Minnesota, Independent Party of Oregon and the American Party of South Carolina, outside groups like The Centrist Project and supporters of organizations that came before their time – like Americans Elect and the Reform Party……and those of us who support the vitally important work of organizations like the Bipartisan Policy Center, the Bridge Alliance, and No Labels – who brought together the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus that is leading the charge on a pragmatic health care reform package to improve the ACA in ways the American people actually want. 

The Problem & How Uniters Can Help

The two major parties get more corrupt by the year, and farther from the views of the plurality of us in the center after every election. Regardless of whether you believe we need to reform one or both parties, build a new one or other ideas, what is clear is none of it will lead to centrists and moderates being fairly represented in Washington again unless millions of us put our money where our mouths are and support campaigns and organizations with their hard earned money and volunteer is one piece of that puzzle, aiming to build a community of Uniters – centrists and moderates who DO THEIR PART, be it through monetary or volunteer time, to help fight back against corruption and out of touch parties.The audience we aim to build isn’t just to get hits on a blog. Our goal is to use it to help centrist and moderate campaigns and organizations by connecting Uniters with them, both through content (interviews on our blog, profiles in our ‘Centrist Index’, etc), as well as in our activist network community back end, which is under development, and will be launched once we have begun raising enough small dollar donations from our readers.The country needs the center to rise up, get organized and start funding and volunteering for organizations so they can fight back against corruption and increasingly harmful partisanship – the country needs YOU, to put your money where your mouth is and help PUT THE U BACK IN USA.

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