Colbert nails this one on the head… as usual:[there was a video here, but the code no longer worked and I couldn’t figure out what episode it was]I find it so utterly amazing that I actually caught a bunch of flak on this very blog a few months ago for calling Trump a freak show… and a lot of that flak came from independents. Are any of you reading this among those who defended him at first?Were people REALLY confused as to how nutters this guy is? I didn’t even think he’d go so far as to delve into birtherism, but it doesn’t surprise me and the kind of garbage that he spouts in the clip Colbert brings up about Trump’s absurd response to how he’d deal with oil producing nations in the Middle East… classing nutjob thinking that what works in one occupation works everywhere.I just don’t get how people didn’t see that he’s a crazy person like most celebrity freak shows are. He might as well get Charlie Sheen as his running mate… they’d be like the reality show, version of McCain and Palin, with three times the wingnuttiness.

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