11 Feb 2011

National Conference of Independents This Weekend

NOTE: this is Ken’s post… but I will be blogging from the conference, and you can expect a bunch of posts on related issues in coming days. – Solomon Kleinsmith

Can independents reform America? That theme is at the heart of the efforts of a growing number of groups these days, and it will be the focus of Committee for a Unified Independent Party (CUIP) Saturday in its National Conference of Independents. The conference will be held at the Skirball Performing Arts Center at New York University in New York City.

Jacqueline Salit, president of IndependentVoting.org, issued this invitation to independents considering attending:

“What we need to be talking about is that we, a small movement, are changing the political conversation in the biggest, most powerful, most complicated democracy on the planet. That is huge and we need to keep going. So come to New York and tell us your story about the independents you’ve spoken to and if we do that, I’ll give you my guarantee, we will do more than change the conversation.We will change our country.”

The following is a list of program highlights.

New Documentary

Watch the premier of the latest political documentary by Jackie Salit, the President and Founder of IndependentVoting.org.  This multimedia presentation covers the impact of the independent movement on the Obama White House, on Congress, on the political parties and on a cross section of political forces. This cutting edge documentary is a great introduction to independent politics. It explains the relevance of the independent movement to urgent social, economic and cultural problems in America.


Hear a “Talk/Talk” conversation with Jackie Salit and Dr. Fred Newman, the Stanford-trained philosopher, playwright, author and pioneer of independent politics. Talk/Talk is a Newman/Salit specialty – think Charlie Rose, Oprah and Aristotle all rolled up into one!

Panel Discussion

Moderated by Jackie Salit and IndependentVoting.org General Counsel, Harry Kresky with:

  • Theresa Amato, Ralph Nader’s Presidential Campaign Manager in 2004
  • John Avlon, Senior Political Consultant, TheDailyBeast.com; Founder, No Labels
  • Lenora Fulani, Co-founder, IndependentVoting.org
  • Michael Hardy, General Counsel, National Action Network
  • Douglas Schoen, pollster and author
  • James Mangia, Executive Director, St. John’s Well Child & Family Center and Founding Secretary, National Reform Party
  • Cathy Stewart, Chair, New York County Independence Party
  • Bradley Tusk, Founder, Tusk Strategies; Campaign Manager Bloomberg 2009

Mock Trial

Are you a fan of Law and Order, The Good Wife, or even Judge Judy?  If so, you don’t want to miss this.  We will be staging a mock trial to explore a fictional (but not improbable) “people vs. the parties” controversy. A cast of prominent civil rights and election lawyers, actors, elected officials, and a famous “surprise witness” will stage a courtroom trial and in the process shed light on the growing conflict between parties’ rights and voters’ rights.

Dispatches from the Movement

Get the inside scoop from IndependentVoting.org’s leaders on what’s happening on the ground, behind the scenes, in the hallways of power and on the street corners, as independents intensify their efforts to enact structural political reforms like open primaries across the country. This is independent politics straight from the source.

Discussion and Dialogue

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the days’ proceedings in an open mic session, not to mention the chance to meet and mingle throughout the day.

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This centrist community blogger has chosen not to reveal much about themselves in their bio – as is their right.
This centrist community blogger has chosen not to reveal much about themselves in their bio – as is their right.

6 thoughts on “National Conference of Independents This Weekend”

  1. Hi Ken!

    I was at the Independentvoting.org meeting on 2-12-11.  Sorry I didn’t run into you.  I thought the program was informative, but that it did not do enough to activate the troops.  Here is how I think Independents can do more to inspire folks to work to change US politics:
    “Independent Voters Are On the Move. Two-Party System BEWARE – Tunisia and Egypt Can Happen Here!” http://tinyurl.com/gotguts  Hope you will have the time to read it, and to comment!
    William J. Kelleher, Ph.D.

    1. Ken unfortunately couldn’t make it, although he watched from the livestream I believe. I was there though, as were a handful of bloggers from other sites.

      The link to that post didn’t go through… the gotguts one… can you repost it?

    1. It was pretty stupid actually. I left a few minutes into it and went into the lobby and started taking notes. I couldn’t get any damn wireless in the hall… was annoying.

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